What are the benefits of having a website?
  1. Online Presence 24/7: Having a website means customers are always able to find you – anytime, anywhere.
  2. Information Exchange: website provides a quick and easy way of communicating information between buyers and sellers. Credibility: Good quality, easy-to-use website makes customers feel comfortable using your services.
  3. It Cuts Costs: A website can save you a lot of time as everything you need is in one place and can be accessed at any time.
  4. Market Expansion: The website is accessible to anyone all over the world thus there are no geographical barriers.
  5. Consumer Insights: Website analytical tools provides your customer insights.
  6. Advertising: Websites give you the power to reach customers with much more accuracy and reliability through online advertising. Competition: Website wins your business against your competitors.
How to build a website?

You can build a website on your own or hire a professional web design company like WebBirth.

What are the types of websites?

Some of the most popular website types are:

  1. E-Commerce website
  2. Business website
  3. Blog website
  4. Portfolio website
  5. Event website
  6. Personal website
  7. Membership website
  8. Non-profit website
  9. Informational website
  10. Online forum
How much does a website cost? How much for a website?

We love this question... :-) This is by far our number one question. We do not treat you differently if you have more money or make more money than others. We treat every customer the same regardless of their status or company. This is the reason why we are the only company at our level that shows prices for a lot of the most common web design, and web development. We have nothing to hide as we know our prices are fair and affordable when comparing apples to apples, with that being said the best way to see how much your website will cost is to talk to us.

Are your websites SEO friendly?

100% Yes! It’s our obligation to you as a customer to make sure your website is visible online. So, for that reason, we help you by building the website 100% SEO friendly and we use best practices for web design.

Your prices are good- do you outsource your work?

NO! From the start of our company until today we do not outsource any of our work to any companies- we also do not partner with any other company. Everything is built in-house by our developers. We are very proud to mention this as only a handful full companies do this.

What if I need HELP, Do you offer support?

Yes, we provide enduring assistance, ensuring that you have the flexibility to update, modify, or enhance your website at any time. Your access to our support remains steadfast, just a phone call away whenever you need us.

Do you do design and Can you make me a logo?

100% Yes! As mentioned above, everything we do has unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy with our website design. This is also true for our UI/UX design department. We do logo design if you don’t have one. After all, we help to build your brand.

Can you help me with Online Marketing?

100% Yes! We don't just build a website for you. We do much more than build the website. Our main goal is to help you succeed online. We are in for the long haul, our team is committed to your success and we offer many online marking packages including, Local SEO, social media marketing, Paid Advertising, and more.

Custom website great! But, do you hold me, hostage, forever?

Absolutely NOT!!! The great thing about our company is that you are hiring us to build your website. Once complete you have total ownership of everything. You are not held hostage by us because everything we code is 100% open source which means we do not encrypt any of our code. This allows any other developer to take over your website just in case we don't work out later on... Which won't happen :-)

What makes your company different?

We are a reliable company, we have been in business for few years but our service is worth your trust. Our websites are 100% custom-built, with unlimited revisions. We offer lifetime support! But most importantly we are not here just to build your website. We want a long-time relationship that you can count on. We are here today and here tomorrow. Our main goal is for your business to succeed online because your success is our success. We are different because we care about your business goal and we are committed to achieving that goal no matter what it takes! You can count on our team to be there for you ALWAYS!

Do I have to be local to work with you?

Nope! We work with clients all over the world. Our whole team works remotely, allowing us to find the absolute best team for our business.





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